High Gravity Brewing

Specializing in High Flavor beer.

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I have purchased the 1bbl Brewing System (Stout Tanks and Kettles Portland OR), a Grain Mill (Apollo, Jason Ager Systems, also in Portland) and 10 1/2 bbl Kegs (Frank at Pacific Brewing Supplies, California). The last things I need are a Keg Washing System and a location for the Brew Pub. Eleanor (Cordon Blu Chef) will be handling the Food and I, Steve Westfall will take care of the Brewery.

The brewery Equipment has arrived: The Grain Mill is here as well.
1) 50 Gal Liquor  tank.
1) 50 Gal Mash Tun
1) 55 Gal Brew Kettle with Whirl Pool
2) 50 Gal Conical  Fermenters
We are official! High Gravity Brewing LLC
Stay tuned for Financing information.
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